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About me:

My name is Nicole Ashley Sparks. I was born on January 14th 1993 at Crawfordlong Hospital. I was born to the parents of Davine and Ronnie Sparks. I have two sisters and one brother. My sisters names are Myriah and Taylor. My little brothers name is Ronnie Jr. I currently reside in Lithonia Georgia. I have lived in Lithonia most of my life. I grew up in that neighborhood. I attended Marbut Elementary School from grades 1-5. I mantained and A-B grade average and recived numerous awards for my acedimeic grades.At Marbut I made three life long friends. There names are India, Cameron ,and Kamilah. After I completed my years at Marbut I attended three different middle schools: Renfro, Lithonia, and Champion. At each middle school I learned many new things and made many friends.

I now attend Chamblee Highschool. Im am currently in the 10th grade with an A-B average. I am striving to make a 4.0 this year. After completing high school I plan to attend Spelman College.

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